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  3G Internet Access

Fret not when you're on the go and your WiFi-enabled laptop is out of any WiFi coverage area. Thanks to 3G mobile technology, you can now still surf the Internet Wirelessly. Although users could surf the Net on a mobile telecommunications network before the advent of 3G, it was via a GPRS connection.

Celcom offers commercial 3G network that offer surfing speeds of up to 384kbps (7 times that of GPRS). The data cards can be use with almost any laptop with a PC Card slot to provide high-speed Internet and e-mail access. Celcom uses the E600 data card from Huawei Technologies that offers seamless connection to GPRS and WCDMA 2.0(3G) network, so if you're in an area with 3G coverage, the cards will switch to the well-established GPRS networks automatically.


Accessing the Internet via Celcom's 3G Network
- Always on (unlike dial-up services)
- Data transmission speeds of up to 384kbps
- Accessible anywhere and time within Celcom's 3G coverage
   1. Klang Valley
   2. Penang
   3. Johor
   4. Kedah (Kulim)
   5. Melaka
- High Speed data Surfing
- High Speed Internet & Email Access
- Autoswitching: if there are no 3G networks available, will switch to available GPRS networks.

1. 3G Phone connecting via Celcom's 3G Networks Directly to the Internet
2. Notebook connecting via Bluetooth to a 3G Phone, and to the Internet
3. Notebook connecting directly to the Internet via the 3G Datacard
4. Notebook connecting via USB cable to a 3G phone, and then to the Internet

Compatible Notebooks
- Any laptop with a PC Card Slot
- Includes nearly all models recently released from Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Apple, Fujitsu, & IBM.

To find out more, log on to http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec
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